Drug Rehab in Cerritos, CA

Healing with Professional Assistance at our Drug Rehab in Cerritos, CA

The use of intoxicants is a problem that affects people at every level of society. If left untreated, a serious substance abuse problem can lead to terrible situations, as the ability to deal with day to day responsibilities is lost. People who continue to use drugs without seeking help for their problem can lose their job, social reputation, family, and connections to friends and loved ones. It’s a lot to lose, and the question is, how could it possibly be worth it?

No, losing everything for the sake of a temporary high isn’t worth it, but the craving of intoxicants can overpower a person’s judgement, leading to terrible events. The good news is that today help is out there, through the many drug rehab centers across America. Spencer Wellness Center substance abuse treatment facility in Cerritos, California is one of the clinics available to help those who need assistance with addiction recovery. For anyone who is struggling to recover from substance abuse on their own, help is available at our Cerritos drug detox clinic.

Entering Treatment

A client who enters treatment at the addiction treatment facility in Cerritos will first meet with a counselor who will create an individualized treatment plan that caters to their needs. This plan will combine detox with health care support and counseling, using a dual diagnosis approach. This approach treats both the substance abuse problem as well as any mental illness issues that may underlie the client’s drug addiction. Treating both issues is the way to sustain recovery and sobriety. Before the plan has been established, the client will undergo detoxification.


The detox process at our Cerritos drug rehab facility involves ridding the body of harmful chemicals that keep clients dependent, which causes withdrawal symptoms. Health care professionals will supervise the process and offer support, to help minimize symptoms and ensure the client’s safety. Once the client is clear of the chemicals from drugs and alcohol, they transition into counseling and begin the long term work of recovery.

Counseling at the Addiction Recovery Facility

Counseling sessions are a key aspect of recovery, as they compel the client to address the underlying psychological issues that may be exacerbating their use of intoxicants. The sessions will be one-on-one with a counselor as well as in a group with other people in recovery. The client will be strongly encouraged to share their experiences, fears, and thoughts about their struggle with sobriety. In so doing, they will help others who are on their own path of recovery.

Along with counseling, clients will also be urged to take part in activities that help them reconnect with themselves and the outside world in vital ways. These activities can include exploring nature on outdoor hikes, and taking part in art and yoga classes, and more. These are the kinds of activities that can help a person that may have been neglected while they were under the influence of drugs.

Aftercare Addiction Recovery

When the course of treatment at the addiction treatment center in Cerritos is complete, a plan will be created for ongoing recovery as an outpatient. A counselor at the addiction recovery program will outline an aftercare plan, making recommendations that may include enrolling in a group home with other people in recovery.

Ongoing counseling as well as twelve step classes may also be recommended.

Recovering from substance abuse is an ongoing project that requires constant commitment. If you are in need of healing, contact Spencer Wellness for a free consultation at our addiction recovery center in Cerritos, California today.

1What is dual diagnosis?
A dual diagnosis is when a person is struggling with both an addiction and a mental health disorder. Nearly half of all people that have an addiction also have a mental illness that requires deliberate, simultaneous treatment to overcome the addiction and get the treatment needed for the mental health issue.
2Do I have to attend group meetings?
Yes, we ask that everyone come to the group therapy sessions and participate honestly, respectfully, and without judgment. It is extremely beneficial to your treatment and the treatment of others.
3Why does detox have to be supervised?
During detox, your body will go through some pretty unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. In order to make sure you get through detox as comfortably, as efficiently, and as safely as possible, you must have the proper supervision, guidance, and support from trained and caring professionals.
4How long does treatment last?
It is different for each person, each situation, and each addiction, but your stay at Spencer Wellness will last from 30 to 90 days. Your recovery doesn't stop there, however, it will continue long after you have left one of our rehabs with you customized and comprehensive treatment plan.