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1What is dual diagnosis?
A dual diagnosis is when a person is struggling with both an addiction and a mental health disorder. Nearly half of all people that have an addiction also have a mental illness that requires deliberate, simultaneous treatment to overcome the addiction and get the treatment needed for the mental health issue.
2 Do I have to attend group meetings?
Yes, we ask that everyone come to the group therapy sessions and participate honestly, respectfully, and without judgment. It is extremely beneficial to your treatment and the treatment of others.
3 Why does detox have to be supervised?
During detox, your body will go through some pretty unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. In order to make sure you get through detox as comfortably, as efficiently, and as safely as possible, you must have the proper supervision, guidance, and support from trained and caring professionals.
4How long does treatment last?
It is different for each person, each situation, and each addiction, but your stay at Spencer Wellness will last from 30 to 90 days. Your recovery doesn't stop there, however, it will continue long after you have left one of our rehabs with you customized and comprehensive treatment plan.